Vervet Monkey Foundation anniversary 1993-2018

17th November 2018 marks the VMF’s 25th silver anniversary year since established in 1993.

Co-Founder Dave & Co-Director Josie would like to say a massive thank you to all past, present and future volunteers and contributors who have made and will make a difference to so many monkey lives.

We are amazed at how quickly the VMF is evolving and how the Vervet Forest drive is strong especially with Kyle’s movie and the new you tube series he is producing spreading awareness and interest all over the world. The VMF has become so much more than a sanctuary that started with one monkey called Regus.

The VMF continues to rescue monkeys as well as educate on ethical living, sustainability and compassion to all animals all over the world.

The VMF's 25th anniversary

Help us celebrate 25 years

To kick start this year to be even more amazing for the monkeys, we would love as many people as possible to participate in celebrations with us all over the world.
Here are some ideas…

  • Get togethers and re-unions in your local area
  • Vervet Forest movie screening parties (can be small or large)
  • Fundraisers / Events
  • Xmas celebrations / re-unions / vegan dinner parties
  • Or other way you would like to be involved.

Contact to put you in touch with other volunteers in your area.
Perhaps you work for a company or know of one who might like to run a short or long term promotion with VMF or sponsor one hectare of land?

Support the team to raise funds for the Vervet Forest

To start the 25th anniversary year VMF Co-Director Josie, Vegan Chef Will, Integration staff Nico, Vet nurse Sami and volunteer Nicholas will be taking part in a 10km mountain marathon in Uitsoek near Nelspruit (all on a 100% plant-based diet of course).
They have been busy training for a while now as none of them have done a challenge like this before so your support towards the forest will mean a lot to them.
They aim to raise a minimum of 4 hectares of land towards the Vervet Forest (equivalent of 4 rugby pitches).
If their target is reached volunteer Neil Wilson has generously proposed to donate an additional one hectare of land which could take us up to 5 hectares motivating us even more to reach the target.
If you would like to help secure funds for 5 hectares of land, check out the link below, read the story and share far and wide.
Thank you

Vervet Monkey Foundation

Meet some of our recent monkeys!

Tesha arrived at the Foundation on the 12th of August.
She is a 2017 baby so approximately 8-9 months old now.
The poor little lady had been found stuck behind a fridge on a safari park.
We don’t know exactly how she came to be there but she had small bite wounds to her chest and her back legs were paralyzed.

Thankfully with cage rest and medication she regained movement in her legs and the wounds healed up well.
During her time in sickbay she proved to be a sassy little lady with a huge love of milk!
Once her mobility was back to where it should be she was able to move to sick bay troop and join the gang there.

Tesha was an integration superstar!
She was calm from the very first monkey she met and the troop accepted her with open arms.
She is now happily living outside and can be seen bouncing around with the other little ones!

Want to become a foster mum?

2017 was the busiest baby season ever since the foster mum programme.
We saw 39 babies into troops with mums so we are hoping there aren’t so many this season but are well prepared for it with a team of staff and baby interns.
We are just looking for one more baby intern to complete our team this year as one couldn’t make it at the last minute so if you would love this opportunity please contact

If you haven’t seen the Vervet Forest movie trailer yet you can view it here:

Also check out the Vervet Forest YouTube show

Vervet Monkey Foundation Upcoming events

– December 1st-2nd, Vegan Planet, Vienna, Austria

– October 6th, 2018, Global march for Elephants, Rhinos and Lions, Antwerp
– November 17th-18th, 2018, VeggieWorld, Brussels
– February 9th-10th, 2019, Vegan A’fairs, Ostend

– October 6th, 2018, opening Vegan Restaurant,V-Bandits, Ludwigsburg
– October 24th, 2018, Screening The Vervet Forest, Bad Schwartau

– October 7th, 2018, Irish Vegan Festival, Belfast

– September 29-30, 2018, Viva Vegan Festival, Brighton
– October 13th, 2018, Vegan Fair, Portsmouth
– October 27th-28th, Vegfest, London
– November 24th, Live a Better Life Vegan Fair, Liverpool
– December 9th, Animal Aid’s Christmas Fair, London

South Africa
– October 13th, Uitsoek Mountain Marathon, Nelspruit