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Vasectomy Season
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Volunteer Coordinator opportunity

How would you like to swap your desk job for nature and experience all round sunny weather? Do you want to work amongst and with animals on a daily basis?

Be part of our dedicated, passionate voluntary staff team & join our VMF family. We are currently looking for a Volunteer Co-ordinator and a Primate Carer.

As a Primate Carer you will be responsible for 150-200 monkeys. What? So many? Yes, and that is the fun. You will ensure the provided care is to the highest standards, that sick or injured monkeys get the treatment they need and you will be part of the foster mum programme of orphaned monkeys. Your days will be different each day, you need to be detail-orientated and enjoy an ever changing, fast-evolving environment.

As Volunteer Co-ordinator you can bring your people skills into action. You will be taking care of the volunteers and ensuring they enjoy their time while being here. As a highly organised person, you will create the daily schedules for everyone keeping in mind to ensure people learn and enjoy it aswell as to make work productive for the sanctuary needs. You might turn volunteers into ambassadors for the VMF and wildlife conservation. Could there be anything better?

Vasectomy Season

The VMF recently welcomed volunteer Veterinarian, Dr. Cheryl Chooljian, DVM to vasectomise our onsite juvenile male monkeys. The team successfully performed the procedure on monkeys to ensure the sanctuary remains non-breeding, enabling us to take in orphans. Several follow-up procedures for other onsite injuries were also performed. All boys were back home in their onsite enclosures within a couple days of their procedure and healing well. Thank you so much to Dr. Cheryl, and all of our staff and volunteers who assisted with vasectomy season.

(pictured below Dr. Cheryl, volunteer veterinarian, working on one of our monkeys)



Bravo Cedric!

We are very excited to announce another successful integration – Cedric, a 3.5  year old male arrived with us in late 2017 has been successfully released into Gismo Troop. He was kept illegally as a pet outside Johannesburg. Shortly after his arrival, he was paired up in an introcage with Suzie, an older female rescue. He has been in active short integration bursts since May and has bonded with the other boys his age, especially Denford and Gabriel. We will be watching him closely as he explores his new enclosure and strengthens his bond with the rest of the troop. Awesome job to our dedicated integration team and to Gismo Troop for being so welcoming to their new member!

(Pictured below: Cedric overseeing his new territory and meeting his new family – pic Mark Ashcroft)

New Sunshine Cages

Our local team has been on a roll with building and maintenance this year and we’ve officially opened the Sunshine Cages off Sickbay. These two new cages were built to ensure that our longer term Sickbay residents have access to sunshine and outdoor enrichment as they recover. Minkey from Camelot troop intro cage has been the first inside while we redo his home intro cage. Funding for these cages came from Meg and Torie’s Fundraiser for the new Blinds Enclosure last December. Thanks to all who donated towards these building projects so we can offer the monkeys more space and enrichment.
(Pictured below: Minkey enjoying the sun in one of the Sunshine Cages – pic Megan Stark)

Ever thought of (re)naming an enclosure?
This is your chance!

Over the years many have fallen in love with our Sickbay enclosure monkeys. We definitely have a few adorable characters in there, by the names of Missie, the very cute Logan, Dumbo, and the incredible fluffy Abby. We have Dolly (Abby’s mum), Muzi and Mischief, our very 2 handsome adult males, and lets never forget the Incredible Three aka Spiegel, Chicken and Ayla, who were all raised by the Memorable Chico, who, with her love for blankets and babies was the best foster mum in the entire monkey universe, to only name a few….. Now this is where we need your help.

As sickbay enclosure is no longer appropriate as there are no sick monkeys in there, which is confusing, we decided to rename Sickbay enclosure… So, this is your chance to do so! We just finished the extension of the enclosure and this marks the perfect time to choose a new name for a brand new enclosure. The highest bidder will be the winner and get to choose the name. The winner will be announced in the coming weeks.

MINIMUM BID = 100EUROS – 110$ – 90£ – 1650ZAR



Do you have a friend’s birthday or occasion coming up?
Are you keen to memorialise a lost pet or person?
Naming one of our monkeys is a great way to support the VMF and leave your mark on the monkeys.
Contact manager@vervet.za.org for naming costs and more information.


Are you looking for a meaningful gift, in the meantime supporting the VMF?

Check out our e-shop, make your selection and order the items of your choice here!

For below upcoming events we are looking for volunteers to help.
Interested? Please contact hilde@vervet.za.org

Upcoming events


October 26-27 – Vegan A’Fairs, The Bruges Edition
November 11th – Langste Veggietafel, Sint-Truiden (TBC)
December 8th – Vegan Vibes Christmas market, Antwerp


November 2nd – Manchester Vegan WinterFest
November 17th – Brighton Vegan Festival
December 1st – Portsmouth Vegan Winter Festival
December 8th – Animal Aid’s Christmas Fayre London
March 28th, 2020 – Live a Better Life Vegan Fair Liverpool

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